Sign Language Interpreter at Church

Most of my posts are technical but wanted to capture a personal event I’m very excited about.

As I mention in my bio I’m on the board of my church (technically its called being “on session”) and I am super happy to announce that we’ve finally achieved something we’ve been working on for a while…


Starting this coming Sunday (October 13th) we will have an American Sign Language Interpreter present at our 11:00am services!!

We’re located in Celebration, FL which is just 3 miles from Walt Disney World.  ( here’s our link on Google Maps )

This location puts us in a great position to serve the deaf community that may be vacationing or who come down to Florida for the winter … plus our year-round community.

Our church is Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration but don’t let the name fool you … we’re one of the most denominationally mixed (including folks with no denomination) churches you’ll ever find … Everyone is welcome!

Whether you’re a deaf or hearing person, If you’re in the Disney World area, I encourage you to come by and check us out. I truly believe it is one of the friendliest, most welcoming places you’ll ever visit.



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